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A Geofence is a user defined region on a map. Examples include your company workshop, regular delivery areas, or other regions of interest to your company. Multiple geofences can be created in the BIGmate monitoring software and they can apply to the whole company, selected divisions or particular equipment. There are many benefits to setting up effective geofences and a few tricks to it too. Here we run through some of the finer points and provide ideas on how to use geofences to your business' advantage.

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We have a new address

BIGmate has moved into our superb new office at Level 18, 144 Edward Street in Brisbane CBD (same building, just a few floors down).

We invite you to drop in and check out our stylish new home and chat about our industry leading GPS tracking and M2M connectivity solutions - we'll even supply the coffee! We look forward to catching up with you soon.



Fatigue management has become one of the most talked about topics in the transport industry.

The subject is complex and while the penalties imposed by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) can seem harsh, fatigue management and regulation is a necessary evil to ensure everybody is using the road network with the highest regard for human safety. The rules must also be measurable so that those found flaunting them can be dealt with accordingly.

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2G Network Closure Reminder

Upgrade your 2G devices before it's too late

This is an important reminder that the 2G network will be closed down by December 2016. 

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Custom GPS harware created and assembled by BIGmate

BIGmate are the customisation kings

We've previously explained how BIGmate can tailor GPS software solutions to suit your needs but our powers of customisation don't end there.

Recently our team completed a build of 48 custom made enclosures for one of our whitelabel distributors.

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